What are the Benefits of Vinyl Liner Pools?

image of an inground poolPools are great to add to your backyard because of how many benefits they offer for families. The type of pool you choose to have installed makes a lot of difference. At Splash Pools and Spas we recommend vinyl liner pools, as they provide many benefits to homeowners.

Vinyl Liner Pools Are Easily Customizable

Inground pools are a great option for backyard pools because of how many choices you have when it comes to personalization. Not only can you customize the size of your inground vinyl liner pool, but also the shape and the design of the pool. With vinyl liners you have complete control of your pool, including the color or pattern of the vinyl used in the pool.

Vinyl Liner Pools Are Low Maintenance

While all types of pools require maintenance, not all of them require the same level of care and attention. Inground vinyl liner pools are low maintenance due to the fact that the vinyl is easy to care for and requires less cleaning. A great thing about vinyl lining is that it is extremely durable and can last 6-12 years before needing to be replaced. The smoothness of the vinyl also makes it less abrasive and easier on the feet when in the pool.

Why Choose Splash Pools and Spas?

At Splash Pools and Spas we do everything regarding new pools. We start by helping you design your inground vinyl liner pool in Omaha and we completely take care of the inground pool installation process. As well as inground vinyl liner pool installation, we also offer pool pavers, spas and swim spas. We proudly serve the Omaha area, and would be happy to help you out with the pool of your dreams.

For more information about vinyl liner pools, contact Splash Pools and Spas today!