Water Features - Omaha, NE

Splash Pools and Spas is the premier company offering custom water feature installation for pools in the Omaha area. Splash Pools and Spas offers a wide variety of water features to add the finishing touch to your pool and backyard landscaping. Splash Pools and Spas can install anything from water fountains and water slides, to stunning waterfalls for your vinyl liner pool. All our unique water features for pools and spas are fully customizable, meaning anything you desire can be done! Through years of landscaping experience, our trained pool installation professionals have found the best and most precise ways to install all types of water features to complete your custom pool design.

Water Fountains

Splash Pools and Spas is the place to go to for pool water fountains of all shapes and sizes. Water fountains are great additions to any custom inground pool. Pool water features, such as splash stations and water slides, add another element of fun for the kids and their friends. Splash Pools and Spas offers a wide variety of pool water fountains. Your fountain could be as simple as a rock bubbler fountain that sits to the side of the pool, or a major focal centerpiece in your pool or spa.

There are several types of water fountains for pools. A bubbler fountain calmly bubbles water, then trickles the water back into the pool over the side. Another option is a traditional water fountain. This fountain has many possible options for customization. For instance, you could have a LED fountain in or next to your pool. The LED pool fountain makes your pool look great for night time get-togethers. You could also streamline your water fountain into a fountain jet. Pool jets can turn your pool into a miniature waterpark, where everyone will want to spend time!

Pool Water Slides

A pool water slide is a child’s dream, and the best place to get a pool slide is from Splash Pools and Spas. Splash Pools and Spas can supply all kinds of water slides to add to your inground pool. We offer anything from a simple straight slide, to curved slides, or even swirly water slides. The water slides we supply are always installed with safety in mind. We do not install inground pool slides unless we are absolutely certain that through correct use no one will get hurt. Our trained pool professionals are precise in their installation to ensure complete safety during your use of swimming pool slides.

Waterfalls for Pools and Spas

Waterfalls are very pleasing to the eye, as the natural flow of the water provides peace and tranquility. Throughout years of landscaping experience, our pool installation professionals have honed their skills and developed the best ways to build and maintain your beautiful backyard landscaping waterfalls for your pool areas. Our pool installation specialists can build a wide variety of waterfalls for your inground pool. With full customization capabilities, the possibilities are endless. You could install anything from a beautiful cascade waterfall, to a natural stone waterfall, or a simple sheer waterfall. Whichever pool waterfall you choose, it is certain to add an element of beauty to your Omaha backyard and pool area.

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