Swim Spa Installation - Omaha, NE

Swim spas from Omaha’s Splash Pools and Spas are the best of both worlds–giving you the ultimate fitness and therapeutic experience mixed with opportunities for relaxation and fun. Our swim spa instillation experts utilize one of the best home spa brands, Garden Leisure Spas, to fulfill your unique spa requirements at a spa cost that won’t break the bank. 

Why Choose Swim Spa Installation from Splash Pools and Spas for Your Omaha Home? 

Unlike traditional inground spas or above-ground spas, swim spas allow you to get the same experience of lap swimming inside your spa! This unique type of fitness spa will give you a current to swim against, with many different resistance levels to choose from. You could choose swim spa settings that allow for an easy breaststroke or you could opt for a quicker pace for a more difficult workout. One major advantage of owning a swim spa is that you can swim, rehabilitate and strengthen weakened muscles, or simply relax and decompress in the privacy of your own home. No need to go to the gym or public pool to get a great workout or spa expereince—swim spa installation from Splash Pools and Spas helps you get the fitness and relaxation you desire all in the comfort of your Omaha home!

Our custom Garden Leisure swim spas can also act as a standard in-ground spa as well, if you simply want to relax. Swim spas still have all the same spa seating and spa jets, and allow you to sit or swim in relaxing, warm or temperature-controlled water. With competitive swim spa pricing, you never need to worry about the cost of a swim spa installation.

Contact Splash Pools and Spas today for a free spa design consultation and a free estimate on spa installation cost for your Omaha pool and spa project!  When it comes to in-ground liner spas, above-ground vinyl spas, swim spas, and hot tubs, we’re Omaha’s premier pool and spa experts!

Swim Spas from Splash Pools & Spas in Omaha, NE

Party/Exercise 13′

Size: 92” x 160” x 51”
Jets: 29 – Stainless Steel
Seats: 11 or 5 and 1 Swimmer
Gallons: 1500

Premium 13′

Size: 92” x 160” x 55”
Jets: 10 – 4 Swirl Stainless Steel Jets
Seats: 4 Adults (1 Swimmer / 3 Seats)
Gallons: 1500

Premium 17′

Size: 92” x 199” x 55”
Jets: 30 – 4 Swirl Stainless Steel Jets
Seats: 5 Adults (1 Swimmer / 4 Seats)
Gallons: 1900

Premium DUAL 19′

Size: 92” x 224” x 55”
Jets: 39 – 4 Swirl Stainless Steel Jets
Seats: 8 Adults (1 Swimmer / 7 Seats)
Gallons: 2100