Pool Paver Ideas

What is a Pool Paver?

Pool pavers are stones that can be made with a variety of materials including concrete, natural stone, clay brick, or sometimes porcelain. Natural stone pavers can include granite, basalt, and limestone. These stones are usually rectangular in shape and line the pool deck or pool patio to create a safe, slip-resistant surface for pool goers to walk on in the wet conditions around the pool. These pavers lock together to keep the flooring stable in wet conditions and come in a large variety of patterns, shapes and colors that can compliment certain features of a pool such as a fire feature or garden leisure spa.

What is a pool patio?

The pool patio is the whole area around the pool. This area decides what the pool will really look like in the grand scheme of things. The look is mostly decided by the pool pavers, and the inground liner of the pool, indicating the importance of your pool paver choice.

What kind of pool pavers should I choose?

Generally, any pool paver requires little maintenance except for concrete, which requires proper sealing when installed by a pool installation contractor. With the wide variety of patterns available, there are many selections available to go with whatever theme you want. When you decide on a pool paver, you should have a theme in mind and decide accordingly to that guideline. You should not choose a pool paver that does not match your inground liner.

For the color of your pool paver you should select a medium shade which includes grey, white, tan, and brown. These colors should be complimented by a simple, yet elegant pattern that will give your pool a much desired, stylish look.

For any questions regarding your pool paver, inground liner, or pool patio, contact splash pools and Spa in Omaha.