Employment Opportunities

Splash Pools and Spas is looking for responsible, motivated, and trustworthy employees that want to succeed. We need to fulfill positions in general labor, and management. Please fill out the form below to be considered.

Why work for Splash Pools and Spas?

A Culture of High Achievement

It is our priority to motivate our employees and instill a level of high achievement within each and every team member. We are committed to creating a work environment that is not only encouraging for our employees, but also highly rewarding. We believe that with great dedication and effort comes success!

High Compensation and Pay

Here at Splash Pools and Spas, we value our employees and prioritize fair and reasonable compensation. We offer competitive wages and bonuses that you wont find elsewhere! To learn more about the opportunities and positions open at Splash Pools and Spas, fill out the form below or give us a call today.  

Career Advancement Opportunities

At Splash Pools and Spas, the opportunity for career advancement is always present for our employees, even at our entry level positions. We promote from within and strive to help employees reach their full potential.

A Rewarding and Fulfilling Career Choice

We strive to provide career opportunities that are rewarding and fulfilling for all employees. We cultivate an atmosphere that emphasizes personal growth and productivity. As one big team, we want everyone to contribute and be a part of our success.

If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding career opportunity, Splash Pools and Spas is the place for you!

Seeking Responsible and Trustworthy Employees

At Splash Pools and Spas, we place a high priority on recruiting responsible and trustworthy employees. For the success of our organization, we understand that these traits are essential and will determine the quality of our work. During our hiring process, we emphasize these values in all the candidates that we consider and also have a comprehensive training program in place that ensures that new hires have the necessary skills needed to fully contribute to Splash Pools and Spas in a trustworthy and responsible manner. We provide ongoing support and career development opportunities to help all of our employees stay up-to-date on industry practices and standards of responsibility.

Splash Pools and Spas is actively hiring for positions in both general labor and management!