Inground Spa Ideas & Trends

Splash Pools and Spas Omaha has all of your answers for pool and spa installation. Inground Spas are so much fun to work on with customers! We see a ton of design ideas and elements that we get to incorporate with our spa installations. Seeing how our customers either want to completely hide a spa from view for privacy or showcase their spa for everyone to notice and be jealous of, is always a fun challenge. We love designing a space unique to your home. Whether you are wanting an interior or exterior in ground spa, we can walk you through the entire process. Here are just a few trends we are seeing from our customers in ground spas. 

  • Mixing decking materials around your in ground spa for a high end design look. Mixing traditional wood decking with sharp line stone pavers at variegated levels creates a modern design.
  • Incorporating a manmade pond or water feature next to your in ground spa installation creates a look of the spa being a part of the landscape. Using large rocks around edging softens the edges of the spa.
  • Floating a deck around an intimate 2 person spa creates a beautiful space. Your spa cover can slide into the flooring of a floating deck. 
  • Pergolas and enclosed outdoor spaces with outdoor curtains create an intimately designed private space. 
  • Indoor in ground spas have become increasingly more popular. We’re seeing more homeowners budget for entire spa spaces to be built into their homes. 
  • Incorporating a small lap pool with water resistance next to your indoor in ground spa will elevate the space of any indoor spa experience. 

Let our team at Splash Pools and Spas Omaha come out for a free consultation and design. Let us show you how easy an in ground spa installation can be. We take on all of the heavy lifting so you get to sit back and enjoy your spa! Give us a call today.