In Ground Spa Ideas & Trends

Inground Spa Ideas & Trends

Splash Pools and Spas Omaha has all of your answers for pool and spa installation. Inground Spas are so much fun to work on with customers! We see a ton of design ideas and elements that we get to incorporate with our spa installations. Seeing how our customers either want to completely hide a spa from view for privacy or showcase their spa for everyone to notice and be jealous of, is always a fun challenge. We love designing a space unique to your home. Whether you are wanting an interior or exterior in ground spa, we can walk you through the entire process. Here are just a few trends we are seeing from our customers in ground spas. 

  • Mixing decking materials around your in ground spa for a high end design look. Mixing traditional wood decking with sharp line stone pavers at variegated levels creates a modern design.
  • Incorporating a manmade pond or water feature next to your in ground spa installation creates a look of the spa being a part of the landscape. Using large rocks around edging softens the edges of the spa.
  • Floating a deck around an intimate 2 person spa creates a beautiful space. Your spa cover can slide into the flooring of a floating deck. 
  • Pergolas and enclosed outdoor spaces with outdoor curtains create an intimately designed private space. 
  • Indoor in ground spas have become increasingly more popular. We’re seeing more homeowners budget for entire spa spaces to be built into their homes. 
  • Incorporating a small lap pool with water resistance next to your indoor in ground spa will elevate the space of any indoor spa experience. 

Let our team at Splash Pools and Spas Omaha come out for a free consultation and design. Let us show you how easy an in ground spa installation can be. We take on all of the heavy lifting so you get to sit back and enjoy your spa! Give us a call today. 


Inground Pool Ideas & Trends

Inground Pool Ideas & Trends

At Splash Pool and Spas Omaha, we have seen inground pool installations dramatically increase during the pandemic. With increased demand, we are seeing new ideas and trends for  inground pools. If you’re looking for the best pool installation in Omaha, you are in the right place. Let our team come out to do a free consultation and design. We can walk you through each element from design through installation ensuring you get your wow factor everytime you walk outside! 

Here are just a few of the trends we are seeing in 2021.

  • Cocktail pools and plunge pools – increased demand has brought in an entirely different size of inground pool. No longer just for large lots with space. We are installing more small pools that can fit into almost any landscape. 
  • Tanning ledges are all the rage right now. We’re not always sure who the tanning ledges benefit more, our customers or their furry four legged friends! Let’s just say, we have a lot of very comfortable pets enjoying the benefits of a spacious tanning ledge with their best friend. 
  • Trendy black bottomed pools are gaining in popularity as well. We’re also seeing more deep blue and gray bottoms to add dimension and glamour to any pool. 
  • Color changing and ambient lighting in the pool and throughout the landscape, to match, is a must for a finished look. 
  • Upgrading the patio area with patio pavers or high end stone has become more popular too. We’re seeing more clients budget for high end materials poolside. 
  • Underwater Mosaics, waterfalls and cascades may never go out of style. There is always a way to incorporate one of these features. 
  • Adding a spa to your inground pool will always be the right decision. You just can’t go wrong with spas or jets added directly to your inground pool. 
  • Waterline tile is a great way to have a huge design impact within your pool. We see tile design ebb and flow through the years, but having waterline tile will never be wrong. 
  • Fire bowls pool side are very popular right now. Not just adding a fire pit area to your patio, but adding a fire bowl! Ask us how!
  • Got a great view? An infinity pool is a must! This design element is pricier than your traditional inground pool, but worth it if you want to enhance a beautiful view. 
  • Slides and diving boards will stay tried and true staples to any pool! Be sure to discuss these elements in the design stage. Both options have safety and plumbing needs that will need to be met before installation. 

We know our team at Splash Pool and Spas Omaha can take care of any ideas or whims you can come up with! We are experts in our field and we hire and train the absolute best pool contractors! Give us a call today to start your dream backyard! Let us make all of your Omaha Pools and Spas dreams come true!